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About Melbourne Heart Group

Melbourne Heart Group was established over a decade ago. The specialists of Melbourne Heart Group include Dr. Peter Bergin, Prof. Peter Kistler, Dr. Meroula Richadson and Dr. James Shaw . Together they bring a wealth of knowledge in the field of cardiology.

Cardiology is the branch of medicine dealing with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. Physicians specializing in this field of medicine are called cardiologists. As an interventional cardiologist, Melbourne Heart Group specialists will consult with patients on the best therapies to prevent progression of cardiac disease and also perform all related procedures.

The information in this website is provided to reinforce the advice you receive from your own doctors and is not intended to replace discussions with your doctor. We hope you find our website Informative and Interactive to meet your inquiries.

Suite 12, Cabrini Medical Centre - Isabella Street - MALVERN - VIC 3144
Phone: (03) 9500 0296